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Why not DIY?

.... it’s a dirty job!!!! .... some products are hazardous .... requires expertise & specialist equipment .... cut cleaning time by 50%+ ....

Why not DIY

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  • It’s a dirty, smelly job. Often gets put off!
  • It’s physical, hard work!
  • Expertise, specialist equipment & tools required.
  • Speed. We take 2-3 hours. A full day for you.
  • Detergents can contain hazardous substances.
  • Some detergents perform poorly.
  • Others leave a residue or smell

Read more to find out why it’s worthwhile getting the professionals in to clean your oven.

It's a dirty, smelly job which often gets put off

No matter which way you look at it, cleaning an oven is an unpleasant job. This is why it is often put off!!!

The initial scrape of a dirty oven collects a horrible residue of slime from the build up of carbon and grease. Throughout the whole oven cleaning process, this smelly, unpleasant slime is constantly being collected and removed. Not nice! Definitely a job where you need to protect your hands (and nails for you ladies!!)

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It's physical, hard work

In order to clean the oven the baked on grease and carbon must be removed. Whilst the use of the correct detergent in the right areas can help, it still leaves a lot of physical hard work to remove the baked in dirt. It requires hard, physical effort to scrape and scrub an oven clean, especially in the remote areas of the oven like the roof and side walls.

Professionals do it in 2-3 hours. Probably a day job for you

Is it possible for you to do the job yourself? Absolutely if you’re ready for the hard graft and mess. However, in all likelihood you would spend all day doing it. Ovenbrite usually clean an oven in 2-3 hours, depending on its size.

It’s also likely that you will still end up with a vastly inferior job than we would do. That’s no reflection on you. It’s simply that we have all of the tools necessary to do the job properly as well as the expertise, training and experience. It’s reflected in the end result….. a gleaming oven.

Domestic detergents can contain hazardous substances or perform poorly

The quality and range of available detergents varies enormously.

Many detergents are good for cleaning certain materials but not others. Many products ‘claim’ to clean all your oven but often leave a lot to be desired.

Then there’s safety to consider. Some detergents contain potentially hazardous substances which can smell, leave a residue or affect your cooking.

So the choice is buy multiple detergents, hope they are safe, hope they are up to the job OR … use Ovenbrite?

Requires specialist equipment and tools to do properly

Much of the built up carbon deposits and grease are attached to parts that are not immediately accessible like in between the door glass or in the convector fan. These parts must be removed from the oven requiring expertise and special tools.

Special tools like our heated tanks have been designed to take the parts removed to allow them to be cleaned externally. If you were to do this in your sink, can you imagine the hassle and the mess?

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