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Our Customers

People who are unable to clean their oven due to lack of .... time .... physical ability .... equipment .... knowledge .... or .... desire!!!
Businesses responsible for managing properties .... Estate Agents .... Letting Agents .... Housing Groups and Associations .... Landlords

Our customers. Disabled person. Elderly person. Busy family. Letting and Estate agency signs.

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  • Busy professionals, housewives (and husbands!!).
  • Tenants and Homeowners.
  • Elderly & disabled with limited physical ability.
  • Estate, Letting and Property Agents
  • Landlords and Property Management companies
  • Property Developers
  • Housing Groups and Associations

Read on to to find out more about our consumer and business customers.
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Elderly, disabled and others with limited physical ability.

Elderly people and those with disabilities are often unable to take on a demanding task like cleaning an oven. We go that extra mile to give you appropriate assistance and advice to ensure that your specific needs are catered for. Need a bit of furniture moving? Worried about security? We do our upmost to help.
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Landlords - get more rental and new tenants in quickly

Hygiene is an important issue to potential tenants. Get more rental and rent quicker by ensuring the oven is hygienically clean prior to starting a rental period.

Regular cleaning also saves you money by extending the life of the oven.

Apartment block
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Why customers choose to use Ovenbrites' professional oven cleaning services

There are many reasons why people don’t clean an oven themselves. Generally, customers choose to use Ovenbrite’s professional oven cleaning services for one or more of the following reasons:

1: Too busy. No spare time.
2: Unable to cope physically
3: Lack the expertise or confidence.
4: Don’t have the tools or equipment.
5: Agents acting for a third party.
6: Have no desire to do this dirty job.
7: Would rather do something else!!

Whatever your reason, you can be assured of top quality job from Ovenbrite whether you’re a business or a consumer.

House icon - Tenants


As a potential tenant, as part any property appraisal, it’s wise to check the state of the oven. Why? Firstly, hygiene – you don’t want to inherit any food from the previous tenant. Secondly, dirty ovens that let off a small amount of smoke can set off smoke alarms. What can you do about it? Make it a condition that the oven is cleaned professionally prior to renting (Ovenbrite of course!!).

Also tenants are responsible for handing back any property in the same condition as it was at the start of the tenancy agreement. If the oven is very dirty, the Landlord may withold part of the deposit to pay for a clean which is often more than what you would pay by using Ovenbrite directly. Best to contact us if this is the case

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Businesses responsible for managing multiple properties

Ovenbrite carry out work for many property professionals in Manchester. The requirements of Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Landlords, Property Developers and Housing Groups who are responsible for a portfolio of properties differs from the needs of a consumer.

We offer tailored service agreements and special contractual rates for multi-property portfolios.

Other services, designed specifically to meet the needs of property professionals includes:

Pick-up and drop off keys.

Save you time by providing photographs of before and after a clean so you don’t need to inspect the site (if requested).

Provide you with an oven cleaning certificate that you can show your tenant (if requested).

Cover for urgent, weekend, evening and work on public holidays.

Are you a property professional? We'd love to discuss your requirements!

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