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Reason to choose Ovenbrite - We care for you and respect your property

.... family & pets .... religious beliefs .... children, elderly, disabled .... home or business .... oven, carpets, furniture, contents....

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  • We respect your property, carpets & contents.
  • We work in a tidy, organised manner.
  • We take special care with the elderly & disabled.
  • Our detergents are safe for you and your pets.
  • We respect your religion at sensitive times.
  • We ensure your family are safe whilst we work.
  • Experts in cleaning all brands of oven.
  • We care that you are 100% satisfied with us.

Read on to find out how we respect you, your family and your property.
Safe for family and pets. No corrosive or toxic materials used.
Heart image - Care for you

We care about you and your loved ones (including your pets!!)

We care about you, your loved ones, your children and your pets and take appropriate precautions to ensure their wellbeing.

Site safety is a high priority for us. We keep the local area tidy. We are well organised and only have the tools in current use in the vicinity. This minimises the risk of accidents.

We are extra careful when pets and children are in the vicinity.

Our non toxic, non caustic and biodegradable detergents prevent food contamination. There is also no nasty residue or smell that some detergents can leave behind. Whilst they are safe for you and your pets, they are also safe for the environment. You can use your oven safely, immediately after a clean.

Thumbs up icon - 100% satisfaction guarantee

We care that you are 100% satisfied

We care that you are 100% satisfied with our work. If you have any concerns either before, during or after we have cleaned your oven, please let us know and we will do our very best to resolve any issues.

Remember, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, just let us know within 7 days and we’ll do it again for you, totally free of charge and without question.

Person with walking stick icon - Elderly, disabled, physical disability

We take special care of the elderly and disabled

The elderly, disabled and other vulnerable groups often require additional assistance. We go that extra mile to give them appropriate assistance and advice to ensure that their specific needs are catered for. Need a bit of furniture moving? Worried about security? We do our very best to address any concerns at the earliest opportunity.

Cross icon - Religion

We respect your religion

Religion is important to many people. We respect your religious beliefs and adapt our cleaning procedures, appointments times and working hours to accommodate your needs.
Home icon - Respect your property

We respect your property

You work hard to buy your home, furniture and contents. We are respectful of this when we enter and work in your property. We treat your home and contents as we would like ours to be treated… with respect. We’re careful to protect any local furniture, electrical goods and carpets. If we do make any mess, we clean it up afterwards. And if we do cause any accidental damage you can be comforted by the fact we are fully insured.. We also carry a fire extinguisher.
Gleaming oven, hob and extractor in kitchen after cleaning

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