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Reason to choose Ovenbrite - Convenience

.... easy to book .... easy to pay .... weekend/evening appointments available .... any type or brand of oven, hob or extractor ....

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  • Any type of oven, hob, extractor, microwave.
  • All brands/models including Aga & Range.
  • All installation types – built-in, freestanding.
  • Minor repairs – bulbs, seals, filters.
  • Daytime, weekend and evening appointment times.
  • Easy to book by phone, email or online.
  • Easy to buy. Pay on completion.

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Any type of oven, hob, extractor or microwave

Ovenbrite clean all types of oven, grill, hob, extractor and microwave. Stand alone or built in. Gas, electric, coal or oil fired. Aga’s and Range type cookers.

You don’t need to find different suppliers to clean your different types of appliance. Ovenbrite can do them all. Experts in cleaning all types and brands, we tailor our cleaning process to suit each brand and appliance type. We have all the necessary tools, equipment and expertise.

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Minor repairs

Ovenbrite can carry out minor repairs and maintenance to an appliance whilst cleaning it. This includes replacement of bulbs, filters and seals.

We have trustworthy, experienced partners who we work closely with if you need more extensive repairs. We’d be happy to put you in contact. Please note that repairs and maintenance are at additional cost to an oven clean.

If you know that you need this service as part of an oven clean, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and advise accordingly. We’ll also give you a fixed price quote at the same time.

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Easy to book

Booking an appointment is easy with Ovenbrite. Simply use any of the following convenient methods to book an appointment:

Option 1- Complete our online booking form.

Option 2 – Give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any of your booking related questions. You can contact Steve by mobile on 07966 914494 or on 0161 661 7890 outside normal working hours.

Option 3 – Click on the ‘Book’ button in the green and yellow ‘Book’ boxes scattered throughout the site.

Option 4 – Use our general contact form. This can be used if you require any further booking related information.

Option 5 – You can contact us by email. Our email address is steve@ovenbritenw.co.uk.

Option 6 – Contact us by mail at our registered address. The address can be found on our contact page

Your enquiry is very important to us.
Whichever method is most convenient for you, we’ll get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours, but usually respond within 4 hours.

It would be really useful if you have some basic information to hand to assist us with your enquiry. More details can be found on our Book-a-clean’ page.

Book an oven clean today.

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Convenient appointments to suit your circumstances

At Ovenbrite, we understand that people have business and personal commitments. We often accommodate appointments outside normal business hours.

Whether that be weekends, evenings or bank holidays, you can be assured that we will offer you convenient appointment times that will work in harmony with your circumstances.

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