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Reason to choose Ovenbrite - Exceptional customer service

.... courteous, friendly, punctual, reliable .... positive, helpful, can-do attitude, co-operative ....flexible, contactable ....

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  • Flexible. Appointment times to suit you.
  • Reliable, punctual. We turn up on time.
  • Contactable. Phone, email, web.
  • Work with you to minimise fuss, cost & disruption.
  • Prompt response to enquiries. Free advice.
  • Courteous and respectful at all times.
  • No obligation reminder service.

Read on to find out how we provide you with exceptional customer service levels.
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Work with you to minimise fuss, cost and disruption

We want the job to run as smoothly as possible for you by minimising any fuss and disruption. The best way to achieve this is by listening to your requirements and providing you with the best possible advice. That’s why we discuss your exact requirements on site before starting the job.

Our FAQ section has answers to many of the common questions we encounter whilst dealing with customers. We’d be happy to give you free advice over the phone if you need to ask any further questions.

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Courteous and respectful

You can expect us to be courteous to you and your family at all times and respectful of your home and personal property. We treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves.
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Flexible Appointments to suit your circumstances

We understand that people have commitments – to their family, work, school, customers, religion or sport. The list is endless. Whether it’s to suit the timing of a religious period or to suit your customers, you can arrange with Ovenbrite to clean your oven at a day and time to suit you. Whilst our normal working hours coincide with the rest of the working population we are happy to accommodate weekends, evenings, bank holidays or even the occasional night!!

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Communication is the key to a successful working relationship. We pride ourselves on being contactable at all times (within reason!!). You can contact us in various ways.

You can usually contact Steve by mobile on 07966 914494 or on 0161 661 7890 outside normal working hours.

Our email address is steve@ovenbritenw.co.uk.

Contact us via our online contact form on the website.

If you want to send any correspondence by mail our registered address can be found on our contact page.

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Prompt Response to enquiries

Your enquiry is very important to us. If you have an enquiry, need some advice or want to book an appointment and we aren’t immediately available, please be patient. We usually get back to you within 4 hours but at worst case within 24 hours. By asking the relevant questions on the phone, we can give you the best possible advice, clarify your fixed price cost or agree a convenient booking time and day.

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Reliable and punctual

We respect you and your time. 99.9% of the time we turn up at the date and time agreed. However, we’re not infallible and unforeseen circumstances (like a road accident) can arise . You can however be assured that in such circumstances we will do our upmost to keep you informed as early as possible and discuss the best solution that suits you, even if this is at our expense.

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