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Reason to choose Ovenbrite - Personal service

.... deal with the owner directly .... job tailored specifically for you and brand of appliance .... family business - not a franchise ....

Steve Beaumont, owner of Ovenbrite with clipboard and van

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  • Owner cleans all ovens personally.
  • Local family business. Not a franchise.
  • Straightforward, no nonsense approach.
  • We discuss your exact requirements with you on site.
  • Cleaning program for your specific model of oven.
  • Deal directly with the owner on all matters.

Read on to find out how we provide a personal service tailored just for you
Person icon - Owner cleans ovens personally

Owner cleans all ovens personally

Steve guarantees that he personally will clean your oven. No handymen, cleaners, juniors or apprentices here. His 10+ years of experience of cleaning ovens is your guarantee of quality. He takes great pride in his work and works tirelessly to make sure you are 100% satisfied.
Steve Beaumont, owner of Ovenbrite with clipboard and van
Handshake icon - Deal with the owner

Deal directly with the owner

You will deal with the owner personally on all matters. From booking the appointment, right through to payment on completion. You get one-to-one communication, straight from the horses mouth. Whether you are a lettings agency, a busy mum or an elderly person you get his personal, undivided attention. No misunderstanding, no excuses. The buck stops with me.
Oven icon - Cleaning program tailored specifically for your brand.

A cleaning program specifically for your brand of appliance

Cleaning an Aga stove or a Range cooker is very different than cleaning a conventional oven. Our expertise in cleaning all brands means we can tailor the cleaning program to match the needs of your specific brand of appliance. Each appliance has its own issues. We know what they are.
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Down arrow icon - straightforward

Straightforward, non nonsense approach

We are straight talking people. We do what we say we do. We listen to and communicate with you. We turn up on the agreed date, at the agreed time. We have straightforward pricing. We don’t try to baffle you. We tell you it as it is. We believe you prefer it that way.
Family icon - A family business

Local family business. NOT a franchise

The local nature of an oven cleaning business, lends itself to franchising. Some franchisees will be new to oven cleaning. It’s impossible to learn a new trade from a single training course without any experience. After previously spending many years in the oven cleaning business, we have built Ovenbrite from scratch. This allows us to operate in the manner that is best for the customers and not the franchisee or their franchise network. We put you first.

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