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Reason to choose Ovenbrite - Quality of work

.... premium oven valet .... comprehensive cleaning process .... bespoke equipment and detergents .... photos of work and process ....

Clean, gleaming oven

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  • Premium Oven Valeting Service.
  • Specialised equipment.
  • Comprehensive cleaning processes.
  • Valeting not cleaning. We clean parts you can’t see.
  • Use of specialist equipment and detergents.
  • Experts in cleaning all brands of oven.
  • Safe for you, you family and pets.

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Premium Oven Valeting Service

Ovenbrite offer a premium oven valet service. What’s the difference? Some oven cleaners only clean the external surfaces of the oven. In a valet, the component parts of the oven/hob are removed and cleaned independently of the oven.
Clean, gleaming oven
Magic wand icon - clean the parts you can't see

Valeting not cleaning. We clean the parts you can't see as well as the ones you can.

We remove the grease and carbon from many hidden components. This includes the fan, side panels, burners and light bulb housings. The door is also split so that the inner skin of the glazing can be cleaned.
Spanner and screwdriver icon - Specialised equipment

Specialised equipment

To remove the built up carbon deposits and grease from an oven you need specialist equipment like our heated dip tank. We also have special tools for cleaning as well as splitting doors, removing fans and dis‑assembling ovens.
Specialised oven cleaning soak tanks
Brain icon - Experts

We are experts in cleaning all brands of oven, hob and extractor

We are specialists in cleaning all brands of oven, hob and extractor. You won’t find us cleaning carpets, upholstery, offices or anything else for that matter. Take a look at our ‘before and after’ gallery to see what a difference we can make to your oven.
Tick icon - Comprehensive cleaning processes

Comprehensive cleaning processes

We have a comprehensive cleaning program to ensure your oven gleams like new on completion. This is achieved by a combination of specialist detergents, equipment, tools and last but not least hard work. Want to see how thorough our process is? We take you through our cleaning process in our photo gallery here.

Life saver float - Safe for you

Safe for you, your family and pets

We only use detergents and degreasers that are non toxic, non caustic and biodegradable. This makes them safe for you, your children and your pets. Your oven can be used safely, immediately after cleaning.
Safe for family and pets. No corrosive or toxic materials used.

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